Embracing opinions

Sometimes the opinions of others are hard to hear or even understand, sometimes they come completely unasked for and just tossed your way. They can be about you as an individual, your goals or ambition, your kids or your clothes. It is up to you to choose how to react. Ask yourself is this a person that cares enough about me to care about this situation? Is this person being malice or begrudgingly? And the classic question to ask yourself is do you as the individual care enough about the others opinion to actually consider what is being said to be true. We are all guilty I’m sure of throwing our unwanted opinions at someone else thinking we can influence them in a better way. We all have cared for someone out of concern to tell them our thoughts and some I’m sure have given opinions out of jealousy or anger even.

So what if the opinion is about your child? I know a number of people around me and the multitude of answers I would receive to this question and many would get to be very defensive over their children and as a parent they have every right to be. It was a very recent discussion about my Apple that has struck all these questions inside of me and to be completely honest I could appreciate the thoughts and opinions more. I am a mom, doing the best I can, blinded by my five year olds multiple outbursts because let me be real; the sun shines out of his heiny which means I need to be brought to realization about things at times. I am always looking for a new outlook or different advice, anything to help me be a better mom; so when a friend wants to will that upon me I completely embrace it with open arms. Does that mean I will one hundred percent do whatever this person has told me? No, absolutely not but I will spend time to think about it, digest the information and thought that was behind it to maybe come up with my own resolution.

There has been so many times in my life where your friendships or relationships are so hollow there is a fear to speak openly to one another. A fear of altercation or admittance and I understand honesty is a hard pill to swallow but as a adult, a mother and a caring family member and friend honesty is the only thing I want to receive next to love from these same relationships and that is all I want to give back to these special humans in my life.

Love and honesty.


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