The joy of chaos


My mind is everywhere except my head, I fail at the ability to focus on just one thing; I would say that is my biggest flaw. I often wonder how I am not just staying afloat, how is it possible to still be swimming so strong? My house is a disaster, I have piles of clean laundry the size of a mountain from Colorado to put away and don’t let me forget the tons of recipes laying around needing  to be organized into a box. I have too many design ideas floating around my mind to complete the blank canvas of my walls and a list of goals and plans for my life that only continues to grow as I weave myself thicker into thought just to get lost in my head to find a deeper sense of myself and the world around me. I have a house full of personality in all different species and I am always questioning what in the world have I gotten myself  into? Yet at the end of the day I embrace every new challenge or idea and appreciate how full my heart really is.


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