The season of cheer, wishes and magic

The best thing about the seasons changing is all the excitement of what is next to come. Quickly after Thanksgiving I had to post up my three foot Charlie Brown tree. I could not wait; it is my favorite tree of all because it is a collection of all my travel ornaments (this is my tree), Jax has his own six foot tree and he picked an assortment of blue balls and some colored lights for this year. The fist weekend of December we strutted up to another city to see Santa at Williamsburg Yankee Candle Factory. I happen to be “the latest mom ever” titled given by Jax (thanks son); we arrived fifteen minutes after Santa left for that day. The only day all month he got off early and I wasn’t told. So after a breakdown in the middle of this large store Jax got over himself and we strolled and bought a couple gifts. It is a magnificent store so well put together; a stunner for sure.


The next weekend back to Williamsburg with go. Ray and B joined us for the fun at Christmas Town held every year at Busch Gardens. All the lights, singing and shows we saw really put us in the Christmas spirit. It was a day we expected to be cold but we were happily surprised by the sixty-five degree evening. Honestly it was perfect; the fact we got to enjoy our hot chocolates instead of chugging them for the warmth.


Following the weekend after that our plan was to decorate stockings which was a fun activity I’m so happy we did and we prepared a savory meal. We decided on chicken breast topped with mozzarella, tomato and avocado having roasted potatoes and green beans for sides. It was delicious and once our stockings were personalized we made hot chocolates and cookies (just practicing for Santas’ perfect recipe); there is nothing better than creating the seasonal cheer for yourself.

It was a Tuesday when Ray and I decided to go on an adventure to Shenandoah to see the winter look of it all and we got lost thanks to our service cutting out but the holiday decorations people put out was such a wonderful, unexpected turn to our day. We had a variety of places to stop that made for a good photo backdrop (i.e. this rustic old truck). Finally a nice hiker gave us verbal instructions and we found our way up to Skyline Drive.

“It’s time for bed” Jax said on Christmas Eve, so we laid out some cookies and milk and read a story and off to bed he went. Honestly I have never seen his so eager to go to bed and I was delighted. I still had a ton to do that evening (I am sure some of y’all can relate).

Christmas finally comes around and the tree is full of all sorts of gifts for everyone and Jax was slightly disappointed when he realized they weren’t all his. I have a rule in my house where he only gets a handful of gifts and Kris Kringle only brings one and that one isn’t the biggest. I do my best to mold a young appreciative human and filling his room with a ton of rubbish he doesn’t need or won’t use isn’t in the plan for me; as for the gift that comes from the “North Pole” when kids talk about who got what I never want Jax to be the one to make others feel less than because he got something so extravagant and others got a coat or a pair of shoes that they may have needed. In the end Jax loved his hang board, sleeping bag and the Bike he received and Santa nailed it with the roller skates.

Dinner on Christmas day is my favorite part of the whole season. The entire family trickles in and out and Sheila (my grandma) makes a serious Prime Rib dinner with Jax’s assisted hand in the kitchen; oh my gosh everything is just so perfect and enjoyable with all my loved ones close by. Now its time to embrace the next seasonal change, New Years! I am so ready to see all of what 2019 has to offer. Hold on tight.


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