The Big Apple

Time and time again I have found myself passing through the “City that never sleeps” waiting to jump on another fly to somewhere else; dreaming of what exists outside those airport windows. Lacking to make it a point to go back strictly for New York, always doubting if it would be all it is cracked up to be; finally I had a reason to go. It wasn’t just for the City but it for a band I had always wanted to see live. Open to the experience I heard was like no other. Seeing Phish and going a show at Madison Square Garden were two things on my bucket list and when the Bakers Dozen was announced I jumped to buy two tickets so I could check off both of those from my list.
My little fern went with me (my cousin thats down for any adventure I throw her way), we had our kids covered and taken care of and we booked and planned this little mom getaway. We left on a Friday afternoon and had planned to come home Sunday early afternoon.


We got to our Airb&b around 6 p.m. and the one we found was a quaint little one bedroom that had a view of the city skyline from the window. There was a fire escape ladder outside on the tiny balcony that seemed a little sketchy and I couldn’t have fathomed climbing down four stories in case on an emergency. Once we were done staring at our view we got ready so we could head to dinner. We were situated in West Village on the same street as the infamous “Carrie Bradshaw brownstone” which was not planned at all, so of course we had to go see it and so did twenty other girls in flocks of four. On the corner of our block there was an eclectic dinner place with plates formed from other countries and the food was incredible. The place happened to be booked for the night but we managed to snag the last table outside which I was not complaining about since I got to view all the people and commotion going by; rather an interesting view actually. We each had our dinner, shared a desert and each had two beverages (and i don’t drink often so that was plenty for me) but because it was a moms weekend away we had no worries. Then we went back to change again and decided to head in the other direction towards the night life. We found a dive bar that had the most amazing Jazz music; the whole place was decorated in colorful Christmas lights mind you it was July so it was a comical scene. It was packed like a tuna can but honestly one of the greatest vibes truly because of the music and people around us. A couple more glasses of wine and we had enough. It quickly turned into 1 a.m by the time we returned to our weekend abode. We heard some commotion upstairs and since we were on the top floor there should have been no one above us. Curiosity got the best of us and we went out to the balcony and up the fire escape and found a group of five Canadians sitting at a table on the rooftop. They were beyond friendly greeting us with more beverages but I had to decline at this point. We sat, mingled and danced for about an hour and during that time we found out there was actually a safe staircase that we could have used instead of the outside metal ladder. The owner of the home didn’t want us to know about the amazing view so it was not shown or mentioned in the listing but I am sure glad we found it. It became our breakfast spot over the next two mornings and the view was honestly more than I could have asked for.

Waking up the next afternoon was not the easiest but we managed. My favorite thing about this place was a different tiny coffee shop on every corner. One of my favorite things is to sit in a coffee shop to sip on a hot tea or latte and soak in all the different energies of the like minded individuals you come across. Times Square was a quick subway ride away so we had to go experience the lights and big city feel for a couple hours. Once back to the Village we roamed for a short bit before getting ready for the Phish show. We wanted to walk the distance that way we could experience more of the New York charm. Walking past one store we witnessed a robbery and the shop owner chasing the man out and down two blocks before he gave up and saw a rush of police officers heading down to the subway. It was just like the movies which was the funniest part to me. Starved, we stopped at a tiny place that advertised antibiotic free meat and vegetables that were locally sourced where I experience a chicken dipped in hot sauce then friend and drizzled with honey. Truly it knocked my socks off and a recipe I brought home with me and recommend for anyone to try. We got to the show a little early to wait in line because we wanted a doughnut. Funny I know but since the show was called Bakers Dozen each show had a limited amount of specialty doughnuts they handed out. The crowd we sat around was to say the least a great time. Lively and friendly we couldn’t have wanted better seats. As for the show itself it was amazing. Jam bands are my favorite kind so I just got sucked into the music and my body drifted with it. The walk home was breezy, dark and little creepy. Something I wouldn’t have wanted to do alone but I was with my little fern and we enjoyed each others company.

Sunday as we woke up we went to a coffee shop a couple blocks away, gathered a coffee and a pastry and went back to the rooftop to enjoy our last morning soaking up all of the city view that we could. At this point I have grown to like the ladder outside on the balcony and took it up one last time.

It was time to leave, the flight was short much like the trip but it was a good time and for that I am grateful. Grateful for the company, the time for myself to recharge as a human not just a mother. Having the change to get away is always fun but quickly I miss my little dude and I am always ready to get back.



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