I never know where I might end up when it comes to a spontaneous adventure. At times I feel like if I knew an exact plan my anxiety would pipe up and yell at me to turn around. I try my hardest not to be controlled by it and most of the time it works and other times I fail miserably. There’s an extreme excitement I find in not knowing; not knowing where I will turn, what I may stumble upon or even who else may be there and do they pose a threat. 

Around here, the rural areas are in harvest season. A couple weeks ago Ray and I met up with my cousin and her two year old muffin and strutted out to the boonies. It is not my first rodeo doing this so we come somewhat prepared (my cousin or I may carry a knife) which we have found to be useful. The only times we have needed it was to shimmy our way inside abandoned houses that were locked shut with overgrown vines, so we managed to cut through them. We knew the cotton fields were soon to be harvested and left bare, so we went with a mission and that was to frolic through these massively gorgeous white fields with camera in hand; photos of the country always make me swoon with appreciation. We found one down this long, winding road with nothing but fields and old farm houses and there it was; the perfect spot.

Once we got out of the car Ray commented “Why did I think we were doing something legal today” which gave us a good laugh and then we went to wander through the fresh cotton.  This particular cotton field was so special to see as it stretched over acres and acres,  the whole property was walled with the tallest trees full of autumn colors and on this land sat a wooden farmhouse that looked to be dated back to the late 1800’s. It was run down and still so stunning. Rich with a story that I could feel once walking inside ( I know “its trespassing”) but as the front door that sat behind a long porch was locked I circled the entire house to snap some photos and found that there was no back door, which I found to be very inviting. Having to watch my steps for holes in the floors as well as peeping around every corner with caution of intruding in on a space that someone else could have found for shelter I had become engulfed with details, history and an extremely positive energy. I found a sense of peace inside as well as some wasps and spiders but they kept to themselves. If I had gone through the front door I would have been greeted with a large staircase that led up to two bedrooms. To the left of the front door was the living room with a grand fireplace that led back to a bathroom and kitchen; from the outside it looked like a much larger home but from the inside it felt cozy. 

Once I had absorbed everything I could inside I went back outside and my cousin pointed out this rope swing hanging down from the most perfect climbing tree, covered in moss and dated with time, I couldn’t hold back and had to take it for a spin; surprisingly still sturdy it made this experience even more authentic. We came for a cotton field, found a beautiful dated home and got to experience how the children in the middle of nowhere got to enjoy their time. As the wind picked up and mist started hitting our faces we left with our new memories and journeyed an hour back home. 


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