Baby It’s Cold Outside

Today is Tuesday which ultimately means my Saturday since my work schedule is a little funky. Ray and I normally find ourselves doing random adventures or sitting in coffee shops almost every Tuesday. Summer months were going here or there; we have no issue sitting in a car for three hours just to experience the view of Shenandoah Park, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains or driving up to D.C. for the day. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but we live in a great location where almost anything is within a few hour drive. As the weather is getting colder and the wind is blowing harder, my body hasn’t quite adjusted. So we have been sitting inside more and more and it drives my busybody spirit crazy. Today as we sit, sipping on our hot coffee and eating avocado toast (my current favorite thing to indulge in), glaring out of these beautiful big windows at the bare trees outside I’m daydreaming back to the warm weather of the summer.  So this is the perfect time to share with you all some of my favorite warmer weather outfits. 

I will start by saying I am an advocate for overalls, they are comfortable and casual; good for many types of activities and weather. They go great with sweaters, bandeau bras and even tank tops. I chose to pair my with a striped, strappy top and hightop Vans for our day trip to Shenandoah Park earlier in the year. 

The next outfit is great for a date night or girls night out which is where I wore mine to. Naturally I am a thick thighed girl so I love me a good wide leg trouser. This light blue pair I found on ASOS was paired perfectly with an older lace cropped top I have owned for years and Target black, suede strappy heel I found for only twenty-eight dollars. This outfit was subtle so I had to add a little pop with a maroon patent leather clutch. The combo of light and dark just made me swoon.

If you know me you know I love to go thrifting or antiquing; vintage clothes is genuinely one of the keys to my heart. Locally there is an Antique Mall where I found these brown and black houndstooth high waisted pant which are a little big but it’s nothing a belt can’t fix, purchased for only ten dollars heck I have no room to complain. Worn with a nineties style Adidas crop and sandals, this became one of my favorite outfits for my coffee dates with friends. 

This is just a small taste of the various styles that expresses who I am. 


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