A quick night away

The other day a friend of mine and I packed a bag, got in the car, put on our favorite playlist (normally coffeehouse tunes) and drove an hour and a half up to Richmond, VA. The main purpose was to take some sweet photos she could send her husband while he’s away. So we sought out a beautiful one bedroom Airbnb with warehouse windows that spanned an entire wall of the apartment; it was the perfect location for natural light.  However, the day we got there the area was having storms which created tornados around a few corners. Not something  we could have planned around. But, once we arrived we were welcomed with two donuts from Sugar Shack, the aroma from these sweet treats was amazing, we deciding to save them for late night snacks as we made the most of our time and the space despite the storms. The rain behind the glass actually made for some beautiful pictures.

The next morning we headed out the door to put a coffee in our hands. We found ourselves at The Lab by Alchemy Coffee. A great little simple spot to get some work done and enjoy a cup that brings most of us back to life. The place really seems to focus on how coffee is made and the ratios of what is in each kind.

There isn’t much of a food menu other than muffins there so once we were done we drove around the block to Lift Coffee Shop & Cafe on W Broad St. The best thing about Richmond is there is so much on one main strip; you can find almost anything you are looking for within a couple blocks. The road is a good stretch so definitely walkable and enjoyable in good weather. Lift was a little crowded so we decided to sit outside once we ordered in hopes the rain would hold off a tad longer. I got my usual favorite Lavender&Honey hot latte with an egg and cheese croissant. Instead of just handing out a number to sit on your table they give a card from a deck of cards which is a super unique way to go about it; then they bring out your food to you. The wall art outside is so creative. There was a small water fountain and string lights, makes for a great atmosphere. A certain piece on the wall talks about telling your story, then hung on the wood plank nearby there was a painted mailbox saying “tell us your story” a really great way to get interactive with their customers.

The people who work there all seem to have great and hilarious personalities and overall this place is our new go to. We enjoyed every little detail about it. While eating we decided to leave our Airbnb host Jill a small gift. Stumbling upon Strawberry St. there was the most gorgeous floral boutique called Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds. You can find it a few feet up from the street corner of Park Ave and Strawberry St. It was a great gift shop with ceramics, plants, little jewelry, lapel pins, cards and so much more.

This store carries a few pieces from an amazing non profit which is doing wonderful things. It is called Frank Community Farm (check out the link for all these great specifics). They give jobs to those who most see as someone who needs to be cured, creating a Neurodiversity environment; “it is a social movement that encourages society to accept neurological disorders as a variation in functioning rather than a disability or mental disorder. ” My friend and I ended up getting the apartment host a ceramic plant holder that came from the farm, we threw an air plant in it, then called it a gift.  I loved them so much I had to buy one for myself.

Heading back to the apartment I hit a pipe coming out of the curb and popped my tire. Luckily I have road side assistance so after about an hour and a half wait the tire was fixed and although it put a hump in my day we carried on to our next stop. We found Blue Bones Vintage shop which was actually right next to Lift and they had everything from vintage Levi’s, dresses to records. Definitely a great spot to get anything if you’re into the past for style. They even had a great kids section.

Once we were done we decided to head back home to Hampton Roads and as usual played silly car games to kill the time. Simple advice from me is to find a friend who makes all things better.


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